How to Use Meditation for Effective Relaxation

Meditation has many uses. At first it was only religious people who used it to contact the deity they believed in. Later religious men and women in the Catholic Church used it to perform their mental prayer so that meditation became synonymous with mental prayer, one which is an improvement on vocal prayer because the mind is no longer using words but the ideas represented by the words. Then some persons found that the practice of meditation can also help them in the cure of their sickness without believing in something religious. Still later some professional people discovered that they can use meditation to maintain a sense of well being and relief from stress.

Meditation for Effective Relaxation

I have discovered that I can use meditation in order to really relax. Before when I wanted to relax I would walk around the block where I live, or see a movie (there was a time when every week I went to a movie at least once), or play an outdoor game like basketball, or play cards with friends, or listen to good music, or play some games in my mobile phone (I used this when I could not sleep before) or in the computer (I liked the Solitaire game).

But I found that instead of doing these activities for relaxation I can simply sit and meditate and get as relaxed as th/ugh i h`d played or listened to a music. I saved on time and money because I did not have to go out and I did not have to buy any gadget like a ball or a racket or a mobile phone.

So here I share with you how you can use meditation for effective relaxation. In another article I dealt with the use of meditation to deepen one's spirituality. The two uses are different and the way they use meditation is also different.

Before Working

After waking up and before working, whether at home still or in the workplace before the scheduled time for work begins or in the transportation going to work (if you are not the one driving) allot 1 to 5 minutes of meditation, no longer than 5 minutes.

Just sit in a quiet place (if you are in a public transportation just be recollected amidst the other passengers) and begin to breathe consciously. Think of the oxygen you are inhaling, breathe deeply and just allow the process of exhaling. Think of the oxygen going to your blood and the blood being pumped by your heart to your brain, giving oxygen to your brain. Reflect on your breathing this way for seven times.

Then think of the energy all around you, both the material and spiritual energy all around you. The material energy comes from the sun, the planets, the stars far away, the people, the animals and the plants around you, the building where you are. Think of this energy. Then think of the spiritual energy around you, electricity in your building, the unnumbered electromagnetic waves passing through you from radio stations, television stations and cable networks, telephone services providers which include internet lines, the limitless number of electronic signals all over you, the spirits of your dead ancestors, the spirits of your friends around you, the presence of the Spirit who is called the Almighty.

Be aware of these spiritual energies all around you. Think of them as lifting you up to do your work efficiently and effectively.

Then in your mind, thank the material energies and the spiritual energies all around you. If you are alone you can lift up your hands and think of the energies coming all over you, through your hands and into your body. Then surrender yourself to the Spirit who controls everything and entrust the success of your work to him. You may do this with open or closed eyes. I do it with open eyes.

Now you are relaxed, freshly conditioned to do your work. Proceed to your work.

While Working
There are times when you have to stand up, get something, go to the comfort room, take a snack, or just stare at your work. During these times for some few seconds be aware again of the energies surrounding you, the many spirits who are smiling at you, encouraging you to be and do your best. In this way you flow with the energy in your work and stress is minimized, you work as though you are moved by the waves of these energies.

After Work

At the end of your work, either in your workplace or at home before retiring, just sit quietly again for 1 to 5 minutes, not any longer then this. Reflect on your breathing, but this time as you exhale you do it with force, thinking of throwing the toxins that have accumulated during the day. Be particularly aware of the toxins of anger and fear, think of throwing them away in your exhalation. Think of the toxins from your brain going into your bloodstream being pumped by your heart to your lungs and your lungs expel them outside of your body through your nostrils. Be sure though that nobody is around you, especially children. If they are around you they can get the toxins that you expel through your nostrils. Then move your neck gently around its base because the toxins are clogged there. Loosen them and expel them through your exhalation.

Then do not forget in your mind to thank all around you, especially the Spirit Almighty, for helping you through the day.

Constant Practice Makes Habit
As you do this every day, relaxation becomes a part of your daily life. Strictly speaking you do not have to go out in order to unwind. You are daily unwinding.

Later you can supplement this meditation with music, candles, yogic postures, bathing in a spa, etc.

That's it. Now you can use meditation to relax effectively and you do not have to get out of your way to do this. You can do it within your home, your workplace, or while in transit to your workplace. This is the better alternative to costly ways of relaxing. Happy relaxing!

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