Halitosis - How to Reduce Bad Breath Naturally

Much has been written already on how to reduce halitosis or bad breath, perhaps too much. This is because despite the volume of what is written this problem persists to bother much of our population. Some experts say 20 to 50 percent of our population are so bothered.

There have been many prescriptions already on the elimination or control of foul odor from our mouth. Some of these include oral hygiene, avoidance of smoking, foods and drinks that cause bad breath, particularly alcohol.

Tips on Controlling Bad Breath

There have been many tips for the remedy of halitosis. These tips include brushing and flossing the teeth, rinsing the mouth, avoidance of foods and drinks with strong odor, keeping a well balanced diet, taking vitamin C to help the gums, eating yogurt, cheese, peanuts, and other foods that fight plaque build-up, eating less meat and more vegetables and fruits.

I myself had this problem for many years. And I tried so many ways to eliminate or reduce my bad breath. These included using special kinds of toothpaste, some of them very expensive, rinsing the mouth after eating, eating only vegetarian foods, chewing gums, etc. And yet the bad breath persisted. Naturally I would be embarrassed, especially when people came near me.

But here I will reveal what finally made me get rid of bad breath naturally. And you can try the same thing. I hope that you will also be successful in getting rid of this problem in your life.

Combination That Gets Rid of Bad Breath

It is a mixture of ordinary sugar, glucose, eucalyptus oil and citric acid. This mixture is found in some candies that are sold in ordinary stores.

I took this mixture for one week and my bad breath was gone.

I have also recommended this mixture to my close friends and they also have experienced the same result.

I discovered this by accident. I was also a victim before of abdominal pains. Whether the aches came from my intestines, or from my stomach, my gall bladder, or other parts of my abdomen I did not know. I used to take some anti-acid to get rid of these aches.

But one time having no anti-acid, like any of these cremaline drugs, I took this mixture of ordinary sugar, glucose, eucalyptus oil and citric acid found in an ordinary candy. I experienced instant relief. When an ache would attack again I would take again this mixture. And I would experience instant relief. Until the time came when the stomach aches were gone.

I noticed also that my bad breath disappeared. I do not have to take this mixture again and again. I just take it if I have some stomach ache. But as of this writing this is very rare now.

Different Theory About the Cause of Bad Breath

Having experienced this I have a different theory as to the cause of bad breath. Researchers say that it comes from the mouth. They also say that it cannot come from the stomach because the esophagus is a closed and collapsed tube. But my theory is that some kind of bad breath may come from the stomach, not directly because the passage way is a closed and collapsed tube but indirectly.

I base my theory on the fact that babies usually do not have bad breath. In fact they have a sweet smelling, pleasant breath. This is the case before they are able to eat meat. When they grow up and eat all sorts of foods, this pleasant breath disappears. Instead a foul breath begins to develop. Why do they have a pleasant breath when they are still babies? Probably it is because their stomach and intestines are still clean of food that rots, like meat.

But this is only a theory. More research needs to be done along this line.

But the fact remains that this mixture of ordinary sugar, glucose, eucalyptus oil and citric acid has eliminated bad breath from me and my close friends for the rest of our life. It is our way of reducing and even eliminating bad breath naturally. Look for these ingredients in the wrapper of candies in the store near you. It may help you a long way in reducing or even eliminating your bad breath.

The name of this candy in the Philippines is Snowbear Menthol Ball, manufactured by The Candymaker Incorporated.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not a medical advice and is not to be used for diagnosis or treatment of a medical problem. Consult your physician for appropriate action.

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