Halitosis - How Bad Breath Can Affect Your Life

There are some bad things which when viewed from a different perspective are not so bad at all. In fact some of these bad things are a blessing. Many of us have heard or read the story of that young Chinese man who was exempted from serving in the army because he broke his bone while riding a horse. Having a broken bone is an evil, but being exempted from serving the army was a great blessing. But this is not the case with halitosis or bad breath.

No Good Thing in It Whatsoever

There is nothing I can think of that is good which we can get from bad breath no matter from what perspective we see it. It is bad and it causes bad things to happen in our life. Maybe the only good it can bring about is that we are prevented from whispering vulgar or obscene words to our close friends. But only on the condition that we are aware that we are emitting foul odor from our mouth. If we are not aware, we cannot even perform this act of kindness, of not breathing out foul odor to our friend.

Maybe another good thing bad breath can bring is for the cosmetics and drug manufacturers to make money by producing would be cures for this problem. But this does no good to the sufferer of halitosis. It only drains her pocket.

What is worse is that there is a tendency that we cannot detect it ourselves because our sense of smell has become used to the foul odor.

Foul odor from the mouth can affect you life for the worse when you are not aware of it. When you are aware you can fall victim to halitophobia, an excessive fear of bad breath.

I was for many years a victim of this foul odor from my mouth. I know from first hand experience how it can be embarrassing to me and to others and how it affects relationships, especially of the most intimate kind. It was a great relief when finally I got rid of this problem for the rest of my life.

Some data say that bad breath affects 20 to 50 percent of the population. That means it affects billions of people all over the world.

Negative Effects of Halitosis

The first negative effect halitosis can give to your life is in your social life. You will be wondering why people do not move near you and you may even notice that they go away from you. Some of those who go near you may give you a candy, a gum or a mint. At first you think they are kind to you by giving you something to chew upon. But when this happens again and again, you begin to wonder why. You will be and will feel embarrassed.

It can cause embarrassment when you see people putting handkerchief over their nose and mouth when they talk to you. It can increase your stress when working on something close with people. You become reluctant to engage in normal social activities, like dancing. If you always chew a gum, people may wonder and you look like a goat to them. People will be wondering why you yourself keep a handkerchief over your mouth. Halitosis can severely affect your personal relationships, even breaking them. It may even affect your marriage, especially in the morning after rising from sleep.

The second bad effect is in your career. People who interview you for a job are likely to think twice before accepting you as an employee even if your records speak highly of you. They would naturally not want to associate with someone whose mouth exudes foul odor.

During meetings you will notice that people will stay some distance away from you and you wonder why they avoid being close to you.

An important contract may not be signed simply because your would-be partner in the business venture does not like your foul breath.

Thirdly, if you tried several ways to get rid of it and you have not been successful, you think that you are condemned to this problem for the rest of your life. And your self-esteem suffers. And you are stressed.

Fourthly, when this problem is not properly dealt with this can cause discomforts and even diseases in your body. The bacteria that cause this foul odor are messengers also of diseases.

Finally, the worst affliction halitosis can give you is a low and lowering self-esteem. You become insecure about your self. Your self-confidence is undermined. You think you cannot be on the same level with other people. And then you cannot perform as best you can because of this problem.

I almost forgot. Maybe there is one good thing halitosis can give you. You may realize your body is not that clean as you think it is. And you take steps to remedy this situation, like eating less meat.

If such is the case, get rid of your bad breath.

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