How To Cure Minor Wounds

Sometimes in our daily chores we inadvertently cut ourselves. While using a paper cutter we may accidentally cut also our finger. While slicing tomatoes we may cut our hand. While closing a car, a wire protrudes and scratches our legs. A wound ensues. Children incur wounds while playing or quarreling. We may not worry about the wound until it develops infection. It becomes irritatingly painful and swells. We go to our doctor and he prescribes an antibiotic to counteract the infection.

A little knowledge can help us effectively cure minor wounds and prevent infection.

For Minor Wounds Only

The wound has to be minor, otherwise we go to our doctor to have it stitched. A minor wound would be one that is no wider than 2.5 centimeters or 1 inch and no deeper than one half of a centimeter or one fourth of an inch.

The best home based remedy for minor wounds that I have discovered is moringa. Another name for this is horseradish tree because its roots look like radish.

Moringa is a tree which can grow almost anywhere where tree can grow except in places with frost. In the Philippines it is grown almost everywhere. You take a handful of its leaves, rob them between your hands to produce a sap out of the leaves and spread the sap over the wound. That's it. Before you apply the moringa sap you may want to wash the wound first with ordinary clean tap water.

Effects of the Moringa Sap on the Wound

The first effect of the application of moringa sap on the wound is that it takes away the pain. So it is a pain reliever.

The second effect is that it stops the bleeding. So it is a blood coagulant.

The third effect is that it prevents infection. So it is a natural antibiotic. Research indicate that moringa leaves contain essential amino acids, and are protein rich, have vitamins and minerals.

The healing process begins. There is no need to bandage the wound unless there are flies pestering the wound.

The process of spreading the moringa sap again on the wound may be repeated if you see some watery substance clinging to the wound or the wound has not yet completely closed. Otherwise one application is enough. In one or two days the minor wound is healed.

In places where there are no moringa trees, moringa capsules may be bought in the drugstores. The leaves have been commercially turned into capsules and are sold as food supplements. Open the capsules and spread the moringa powder over the wounds. These capsules are a lot cheaper than the antibiotic capsules. And they do not produce untoward side effects.

In case of infection or severe complication, as in the case of a diabetic person, a physician needs to be consulted.

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