Water Therapy For a Healthier You

Water therapy, as the name implies, is the use of water to effect a cure in our body. This discussion will also incorporate my own experience in the use of this “medicine”.

How Much Water?

Most literature on water therapy will tell you to drink 1.5 liters of water upon rising up in the morning, before brushing your teeth and before taking any food.

When I began water therapy I did this, I drank 1.5 liters of water. Then I came across another literature which told me that the amount of water to drink is .64 liter. Eventually I settled for .75 liter of water. This was most convenient for me because most of the bottles for whisky contained .75 liter of fluid. So I just use an empty bottle, which had contained .75 liter of whisky before being emptied, to measure the water that I drink. I found out that I could drink this amount of water in one gulp, without stopping. Then I drink two glasses of water after every meal.

When I first started with water therapy I experienced frequent urination after drinking the water. After a while this was no longer so. I would experience 1 or 2 urinations only within an hour.

How Many Minutes Before Eating After Drinking Water?

Also most literature will tell you not to take anything solid or liquid after drinking the water for 1 hour. Again I saw another literature which says that the time is 45 minutes. So I followed the 45 minutes.

What Kind of Water?

Some literature on water therapy says that the water should be boiled. I do not use this. I just use ordinary tap water that has been filtered.

Perceived Effects in My Case

What are the perceived effects of water therapy? In my case these are its perceived effects:

1. My body is cleaned. My body with the help of this water excretes its waste together with the toxins piled within it through urination and defecation. Because of this cleaning property of water, diseases borne in the food and beverages we drink are flushed out. There is no more problem of constipation. Bacteria that cause common colds and coughing are washed out of the body. I experience general well being.

2. The skin of my body no longer experiences dryness and so, being moisturized I do not feel too much heat. I feel comfortable throughout the day.

3. Water contains oxygen. This oxygen goes to my brain making me alert mentally. Thus water therapy helps me to think well and to concentrate on my work.

4. I am no longer thirsty between meals. Unlike before when in between meals I have to look for water because I would experience thirst. Thus I save time and my work continues without undue interruption.

Diseases Cured by Water Therapy

One literature lists these diseases as some of those cured by water therapy: headache, body aches, heart diseases, arthritis, epilepsy, excessive fat, bronchitis, asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urinary diseases, vomiting gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, menstrual disorders, ear-nose-throat diseases.

Some other lists are longer than this.

The list is rather inclusive of most diseases. Since I do not have these diseases I cannot say I was cured of these diseases by water therapy. What I can say maybe is that my practice of water therapy helped me to avoid these diseases. Maybe. We have no proof. But it is wonderful feeling well with water therapy.

Another list will even tell you how many days it will take you to cure a certain disease with water therapy. An example is high blood pressure. This listing says that high blood pressure will be cured after 30 days of water therapy. Diabetes will also be cured after 30 days, according to this listing. There are some testimonies which attest to the effectiveness of water therapy on these diseases. One can give it a try.

What is important is that water is a cleansing agent, both inside and outside the body. Choose what suits you after experimenting with your intake of water.

A Caution

There have been too many testimonies in favor of water therapy. But we also have to take into consideration some observations that are not in favor of it. Medical experts say that there is such a thing as water intoxication or water poisoning. Well, as in all things the extreme is always to be avoided.

Needless to say I do not use water therapy when I travel. To do so would inconvenience me and the other passengers by my stopping the vehicle to urinate.

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