Pranic Healing For a Healthier You

First we need to know what pranic healing is. Then we will discuss how it is done. We can only give the basics. This is only an introduction based on my learning of it and my years of doing the practice of pranic healing myself.

What Pranic Healing Is

Pranic healing is healing that uses the prana in our body. Prana is a Sanskrit word. It means life-force or the energy that flows in and through our body making us alive and active. It is a tragedy that this energy which makes us alive is not recognized as the energy also that makes us healthy. Because we do not use this life-energy which is also our health-energy we are overpowered by various ailments, many of which are minor, like the common colds or flu, but are irritating and make us less productive.

In many healing sessions which we see on TV or in religious gatherings for healing we see the laying on of hands on the heads of people. This is a portion and version of pranic healing but the ones doing it mostly do not know why they are really doing it or why it is done to them. They may lay their hands because that is what they read in the Bible. They do not know the reason why such laying of hands is a means of cure.

The Popularizer of Pranic Healing

We give credit to whom credit is due. The one who popularized pranic healing is Master Choa Kok Sui. He wrote a book on pranic healing which can be easily understood by the open minded. I bought this book in 1989. After several tries, I was able to apply the directions in the book effectively. Master Choa now boasts that anybody can practice pranic healing with the system which he has explained so clearly in his book.

How Pranic Healing Is Done

A few guiding principles need to be stated first. Some of these have to be taken by faith because we cannot see the elements of these principles by our eyes. But they are there. And we know they are true because the techniques which are based on these principles effect cures.

The most fundamental principle of pranic healing is that the body is a self-repairing living organism that possesses the natural capacity to heal itself.

The second principle is that the healing process is made faster by putting or projecting the prana or life force or vital energy on the affected part of the physical body.

A third principle is that our body is wrapped by a triple layer of energy. With the aid of Kirlian photography (named after Semyon Kirlian) Master Choa was able to illustrate that the human body is like an egg where there is the yoke or inmost circle of energy, the egg white or albumen, the middle circle of energy, and the shell or the outermost circle of energy.

The fourth principle which is surprising is this. When a sickness is about to invade the body, these three circles undergo an imbalance or disfigurement. This happens before the person actually feels sick. In other words when the person is healthy these three circles of energy are well formed, like the three elements in a fowl’s egg: the yoke, the white or albumen and the shell. When sickness is about to come these three become deformed or misshapen.

The fifth principle is this. When a person is sick the task of the healer is to restore the uniform or shapely formation of these three circles of energy. The healer does this by getting energy from his surroundings, especially solar energy if it is day.

The basic technique is with one hand the healer absorbs energy from around him, like raising his open palm to the direction of the sun, and with the other hand he puts this in the direction of his patient, supplying this patient with energy to restore the balance of energy in his body. He does not touch his patient. He only puts his hand in the direction of the affected part of his patient. In my case I raise my left open palm in the direction of the source of the energy, like the sun or a big tree, and I extend my right open palm on the affected part of the body.

But there is a caution before doing this technique. The energy around the patient is mostly polluted because of the sickness. This pollution needs to be cleaned. Master Choa has a technique for cleaning this pollution. Basically it is grasping this pollution by one’s cupped fingers and putting it into a fireball which burns this pollution. You do not see the fireball with your eyes but you make this fireball with the technique given by Master Choa. He also explains the different uses of colors in healing. All these are colors of energy and they are invisible to the eyes. There are different colors for different diseases and they have to be learned.

A basic requirement for the practice of pranic healing is that the healer or practitioner has a modicum of the ability to concentrate. Those who are used to the practice of daily meditation have an advantage. But anyone who is patient enough to learn how to concentrate can perform pranic healing.

After a while of practicing pranic healing you can feel the prana or life-energy vibrating in your hands. And you can project it to the sick parts of the body.

For What Kinds of Diseases Is Pranic Healing?

Pranic healing is not for all kinds of diseases. It cannot be used to readily stop bleeding or arrest the malignant growth of cancer. It is best for minor diseases like the common cold, cough, flu, or bacterial infections. These are indeed minor but they can cause so much inconvenience to our family and work if we do not take care of them. While pranic healing cannot be used to stop the bleeding of wounds it can be used to make the wound heal faster.

Advantages of Pranic Healing

The advantages of pranic healing over other ways of healing, like administering drugs, are that you do not touch the patient so there is no danger of molesting or disturbing him/her, he/she can continue to sleep; no medication is taken so there is no danger of complication.

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